Listen Up Recruits, This is it what we have feared, the most unthinkable thing has stepped in to light, the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us. We as a team must rise above this, fear is not an option. 

Recruits stand tall, each one of you has traits of resourcefulness, moderate intelligence, extra sensory perception, and/or abnormally high immunity to illness.  Some of you may also have more than three registered firearms, experience operating heavy machinery, experience killing zombies, medical survival skills, escape skills and/or access to a large and captive audience. While we prepare for battle here are a few helpful tips to our newest Recruits.
1.)   Read "The Apocalypse of Enoch" by Shane Moore. Our organization was birthed from this book series and will give you a heads up on many aspects of Z.O.D.

2.) Fall In Line! Get your BDU's on and gear stowed away. Uniforms: black battle dress uniform with red highlights are the minimum uniform.  Gear: nerf, airsoft, props, All must be black & red, all tips are to be painted orange. Edged weapons are to be kept sheathed. 
3.) Enroll in training drills: Z.O.D. offers many way to be prepared for a crisis, if that be natural disaster, a government coup, or a fun filled BBQ of epic food!
4.) Do not become AWOL! I repeat Do NOT BECOME AWOL! Staying together, banding together that is what makes us Z.O.D as a group. Attend events, post, recruit and get promoted! We want to create the ultimate environment/experience that combines the fun of a costume & zombie enthusiast group as well as give all our members the chance to learn valuable skills that will help each agent, their family, and community in times of crisis. We want you to have fun and learn something as we journey together. Once again thanks for Joining, Now move out! Double time! We have zombies to battle.

Z.O.D St. Louis Chapter

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