Shane Moore starts writing first book. Nov. 1st 2004 .

Then Shane finished writing that first book in Feb. 2005

Published  that first book in Nov. 2005

Shane follows that with many more books.

Then Lighting Strikes mid way threw 2011.

The Apocalypse of Enoch  1 begins coming to life June 30th,  2011.

The Apocalypse of Enoch 1  is completed August 31st  2011.

Z.O.D . ‘s creation date came in Feb. 2012  and  the next chapter began.

The Apocalypse of Enoch 1 was published in  June 2012 .

Quickly followed by  the Start of Apocalypse of Enoch 2  in Sept. 2012

Apocalypse of Enoch 2  was  finished  in Jan 2013.

Z.O.D. STL under leadership of Corey Phillips from  Feb.2013 to Sept 2014.

Then the long wait till Apocalypse of Enoch 2 was  published  in Sept. 2013.

Apocalypse of Enoch 3  started crawling on to paper in Feb. 2014.

Apocalypse of Enoch  3 is still  in swirling around in Shane’s head  due to a TV  pilot being created.

Expected release date of Apocalypse of Enoch 3 Late 2014/early 2015.

Z.O.D. STL changes leadership to  Nick Greco.

Z.O.D. STL changes leadership to Chris McQuillen and Sara Koester

Apocalypse of Enoch 3 released at Gateway Geek Fest August 28, 2015

Z.O.D. STL appears at Dark History Con September 2015.

Scout 1 Attended 10 Comic Cons, 7 Car Shows and the WINNER at GAS MONKEY Car Show

ZOD  Has Crossed the 1000 memeber mark.

Scout was Signed by Michael Rooker, Virginia Hay and looking for more awesome people.

All about Z.O.D

The Books and the Group.

A note on how Z.O.D was created.

By: Astaroth Steph Schofield, AOE-001

Agents, there are many of you who may not know me, so I’m going to let you in on some things. Technically,     I didn’t create Z.O.D., Shane Moore did – he needed a zombie hunting cosplay group for The Apocalypse of Enoch, so he created it. I, on the other hand, won the coveted spot of heading it up in the book. Shane and I were talking about it while he was writing it, and I, being the cosplay newb that I was (technically, still am), I asked why we couldn’t do it for real. Brilliant idea, and Z.O.D. was officially born. So, in that respect, Z.O.D. in the book came before Z.O.D. the group. Best part of it all? I got my own title – Aegis Astaroth (aegis is Latin for “shield” and Astaroth is a crown prince of Hell derived from a Canaanite goddess Ashtoreth). AA gives me carte blanche to generally be a kick-ass, take no shit nor prisoners, awesome zombie hunter…not that I wasn’t already, right? If you’ve read the book, you’ll know what I mean. This might be a little disturbing, but I had to take my own husband out, and while I did it with no remorse (hey, he wasn’t my husband anymore—what was there was gone the moment the Abbaddon virus took over), that can mess a girl up, ya know? Make her into a hard-ass who seems to have no feelings, just testicles. Course, the husband didn’t find it very funny….he he he.

What I hope that each and every one of you take away from being a Z.O.D. agent is this—you don’t have to be the one who faces down the hordes of zombies. As long as you can stay safe and help in other ways (first aid, foraging, helping those who need it no matter what has happened), the rest of us will keep you safe. It also counts for other mass destructions—tornadoes, floods, and the like. Help where you can, when you can.

             ZOD  Enlisted Ranks
E-1       Recruit-duties include clean up, maintenance, etc
E-2       Cleaner-duties include bashing skulls of downed o  r incapacitated zombies. (Melee Weapons only)
E-3       Gunnies-Armed with firearms.
E-4       Specialist-Ranks are; Hunters/Heavys/Pilots/Bombadiers/Grunt
            -Hunter-small group/or solo member/ that knows the inner workings of  zombies and  will traverse the Wilds-and if talented enough-the Styx.

           -Heavys-Large weapon masters such as 50 cal, rockets, and mounted guns.
           -Pilot-someone who is skilled in driving over different terrains and understands the limits and mechanical functions of their vehicles.

          -Bombadier-a member that is skilled in crafting and planting explosives.
            -Grunt-specializes in mass combat.
E-5       Sargent-this is a supervisory rank designed to oversee the basic unit functions.
E-6       Specialist Sargent-this rank over sees larger ZOD units with teams of specialists.
E-7       Campaign Sargent-This rank works directly with ZOD command to make sure his unit has opportunities to participate in campaign and assistance events.
E-8       Chief-This rank identifies Wylders that need assistance and organizes events for them. (Blood drives, toys for tots, etc) and submits needs to Senior Chief.
E-9       Senior Chief-This rank assists the Master Chief in all functions and assists in supervising all squad functions.
E-00     Master Chief-Supervisor of all squads functions.

All members will be assigned an AOE number. This number will start at 101 and every new member will get a chronological number. If that members leaves ZOD, dies, or is turned into a zombie, that new number will never be reassigned. (Like DOT numbers)
However, all administrator numbers will be AOE-1-100 and will be recycled as needed.

ZOD Officer Ranks
O-1      Second Lt-in charge of communicating with squads assigned to him/her by State. Must have a fully converted ZOD vehicle.
O-2      LT-in charge of the squads for a particular state’s counties. Must have a fully converted ZOD vehicle.
O-3      Captain-In charge of one of the states three regions. This person is responsible for approval of all events and submits these events to the Major.
O-4      Major-In charge of entire state
O-5      Colonel-In charge of zone. Four zones in the US.
O-6      Brigadier-In charge if all of the US/other country.
O-7      General-answers to the Aegis Astroth and assists her.
O-00    Ageis Astroth-the leader of ZOD.

Q.) How do I get my ZOD uniform?

A.) Uniforms can be bought directly from ZOD websites. or surplus stores.

Q.) How do I get promoted?

A.) You can be available for promotion after attending at least five ZOD official events or two campaign events.

Q.) What is an official ZOD vehicle?
A.) And official ZOD vehicle is a dark colored car. It is NOT in perfect condition, in fact, the more damaged the vehicle is, the better. Just make sure the vehicle is road worthy if you are driving it on the road. Any number of liberties can be taken with the vehicle in regards to weaponization, interior, etc. The ZOD logo (purchasable on the website) must be displayed in two locations on the vehicle--ie front doors or hood and trunk.

Q.) What if there are not any ZOD groups in my area. How do I start one?
A.) You will need to post on the ZOD website/facebook that you are interested in starting your own chapter and someone will get back with you quickly.

Q.) What if I can't make it to a ZOD event, but I still want to advance?
A.) A Donation of ten dollars to ZOD will qualify you as if you made it to the event--however, you will qualify for patches of campaign awards.